Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer time!

We're anxious for it to be warm. Rylee got a pair of sunglasses, now she looks even more like her daddy! We looked at getting her the baby glasses with the elastic in the back to keep them in place, but we were pleasantly surprised when she left the glasses on without the elastic band. She thinks she's pretty cool.

She had fun trying on different glasses. We should've gotten this pair, she loved them!
Every once in a while, she'll wear shoes for a few minutes.She LOVES her daddy!
She's an Aggie through and through. She has a onesie, a t-shirt, and of course a bib.
She loves her baby food. She's not a fan of turkey yet, but she can't get enough of the squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes. I can not shovel it into her mouth fast enough! She lets out a quick cry between each spoonful, it's entertaining.She wishes she could skip baby food and go straight for the Cafe Rio salad.
Chris did a very tricky balancing act with Rylee a month or so ago...


Palmer Family said...

Such cute pictures! My daughter walked up to me and said, "What a cute baby!" ;)

Bettridge Family said...

I love Rylee's glasses. It's so cute she keeps them on! I love her dimples!!