Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Fun

July 4th in Provo. The balloons were filled and then quickly taken down when a gust of wind went through. Kind of disappointing, since we got up at 5:30!
Aunt JoAnn and Blair came to visit for the 24th.
Our 1st time camping.
Mastering the art of sitting up.
In her Sunday best.
LOVES her jumper. Used to get her arms stuck in the leg holes and jump on one foot. It was very entertaining. She's gotten much better and is about to rocket jump out of it now.
Nike's and sun glasses make for a nice Sunday walk.
She thinks she should be driving already!


Seth and Peggy said...

My nieghbor let us borrow her jumper. It is the same as yours but Ivy hates it! How funny. I love the cute red dress and flower. So adorable!

Lindsay and Mike said...

Cute pics! Love all her fun bows!