Thursday, February 19, 2009

GOOD news

I did it! I finally got my scores for the NCMHCE back. I passed! I also passed the Utah Professional Counselor Laws, Rules, and Ethics Exam last week. I'm mailing my application to become an LPC tomorrow! Not that anyone cares about my "official" scores, but I'm attaching them because I'm THAT proud!

Here's my scores on the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Exam (I needed a 104 & 130 to pass, I got a 130 & 156, respectively)

Here's my scores on the National Clinical Exam (I needed a 97 to pass, I got a 131)
Here's my scores on the UT Professional Counselor Laws, Rules & Ethics Exam (I needed 75% to pass, I got 85%)

I'm SO close I can taste it! I start working at Beacon FMH on March 2nd, but will be attending the Open House on Feb. 27th & 28th. Hopefully you've received an invitation to the open house?

On another happy note, I heard from my lawyer regarding my lawsuit today for my auto accident in Jan. 2001. The coroner in Idaho stated the police had done a "piss poor investigation" and he was positive I could not have been driving. This is great news and hopefully encourages my insurance company to help me out a bit. I'm getting tired of hurting. Only time will tell...

It's been a GOOD day!