Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sad day

I received a call from my doctor yesterday. My blood work was not so positive. My blood sugar and cholesterol were high. I have scheduled a 3 hour Glucose Tolerance Test next week. I have to fast for 12 hours and then they take my blood 4 times! 4 times in a 3 hour time period. It's pretty much my worst fear! I know there are things that are worse, but it's the worst for me.

I've done some research about gestational diabetes and it scares the crap out of me. Many women with gestational diabetes have 12 pound babies! It can cause numerous complications during delivery. I'm hoping this horrible test comes back with some positive news. However, I'm planning on making major changes to my diet, regardless. I'm scared!

If you know anything about gestational diabetes, or how to survive the test I'm taking next week...I'd love your thoughts or suggestions!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Third Trimester - Finally!

I'm 28 weeks...the 2nd trimester was as great as any pregnancy could be. But now, I've started the 3rd and NOT loving being pregnant. My stomach muscles hurt, my lower back aches, my pelvis is killing me, and I have enjoyed my first of many charley horses. I'm anxious for this to end.

I had my gestational diabetes doctor appointment and testing done yesterday. I HATE needles and despise giving blood. This is my least favorite part of pregnancy, the fact that I have to be poked with needles. I almost pass out every time! It's even worse now that I'm pregnant. How I'll do an epidural is beyond me!

Baby Francom seems to be growing and developing perfectly. We pray for this to continue. The doctor loves that there's lots of activity being felt every day.

We've finished the nursery. Chris did an amazing job on the paneling. The color scheme is orange, brown, and white. I've been given lots of hand-me-downs from my sisters and have had my work cut out for me as far as sorting, cleaning, and organizing all of the baby clothes they've given me. It might have been easier if I knew the gender of the baby, but the surprise is worth it!