Sunday, November 29, 2009

Turkey Day

For Thanksgiving we went to my brother, Rich's, house to have lunch with a small group, just his family and Chris and I. Then we went to Chris's Uncle Dave's house for a Harding Family Thanksgiving Dinner. It was fun to see everyone. We took Maverick to Dave's. His dog, Brody, didn't like Maverick much. He attacked him any chance he could. Mav held his own, until Brody got on top of him. No surprise since Brody is about 3 times bigger than Mav.

After all the dinners, we headed to Lisa's house to stay with the kids while Lisa, Matt, Brad, and Lori hit the Black Friday sales EARLY in the morning. I can't see myself getting up that early to save a few dollars. Sleep is WAY too important to me. :) We had a fun time with the kids Friday morning though. We watched "Up", played with Maverick, had pancakes, and looked through magazines for gifts they'd like from Santa.

I love the Christmas season! I've pretty much gotten all of Chris's gifts already. He's so hard to surprise, but I still try.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jewelry Give Away

Check this page out:

You can register for free jewelry, made by a friend of mine.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Family Photos

We took family photos. Chris and I haven't changed much, but we still take yearly photos. HA!

Oh wait, we had to take a 2nd photo, cause Chris thinks he's so funny!

Here's the whole lot of us. The Mortensen Family is getting bigger every year. Thanks Lisa & Lori!

Happy Trick-or-Treating

Chris and I had his mother's family over for the annual Harding Halloween Party. It's always fun with the Harding's. We ate pizza and laughed most of the night. The picture of Pat in a penguin suit says it all!

Dave, Trevor, & Brett

Emma & Landon

Erica, Shawn, Wendy, & Alexis

Danielle & Pat

Lyla was dressed as a cow earlier, but now she's just showing off her sitting all by herself.

I didn't get to see Ryan, Blake, Ashlee, Kaylynn, & Natalie for Halloween, but I got a picture.