Friday, December 30, 2011

Nicole & Lendel

My niece, Nicole, married Lendel on December 17th in the Logan temple. She looked beautiful! I am proud to be her aunt. It was chilly in Logan in December, but there wasn't much snow. This has been a crazy winter!

Daddy & Rylee

Ashlee, Natalie & Ryan
Some of the nieces & nephews
Me & my adorable Dad
Lendel & Nicole cutting the cake
I love my Rylee!
Francom Family 2011
Just married!
Nikki with the little kids. Natalie was so excited to be in the picture!
They don't look related, but Rylee adores her cousin, Nicole!

Congratulations Nicole & Lendel!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Rylee's 1st birthday has come and gone. It was so fun! I had a blast decorating and preparing everything for her day. She refused to take her afternoon nap and got a little grumpy for her presents and cake, but only one temper tantrum, so not bad. Once everyone was gone she got a 2nd wind and stayed up till 10:00 playing, laughing, and having a great time! Maybe she was just overwhelmed by all the people.
Thanks to friends and family for making it such a fun day!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rylee's Almost 1!

11/11/11 is quickly approaching. I am excited to plan Ry's birthday party. We got a new camera in preparation of her birthday and all the holidays. Chris has had fun learning all of its tricks.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chris's Injury

Chris was playing flag football and tore his AC ligament in his right shoulder. A 3rd degree tear. He's been in lots of pain. We're hoping they can help him through physical therapy and rehab, without surgery. Only time will tell.

Rylee continues to grow like a weed! She's our little roller. She rolls and sits up, looks around to see where she needs to go, then continues to roll, repeating until she has arrived at her desired destination. It's all very quick and entertaining. I hope I can catch it on video. In the meantime, you can see how ticklish she is!

We went to Palisade Lake with Chris's family for a Harding Reunion in August. It was fun!

She loves to wear her dad's hat.

Rylee fell asleep in her Daddy's arms while we were playing a game. But, she wouldn't let go of her spoon!

She played in the pool with her cousin Lyla.

Rylee will eat ANYTHING you give her. She's loving the new finger foods she can feed herself.

She liked playing with the puppies her grandparent's neighbor had. She might have wanted to take one home!
She wears shoes sometimes. She often kicks them off and uses them as a toy.

She loves all the toys she's inherited from her cousins. Aunt Lisa and Aunt Lori have been VERY generous! Our living room can't store all of the toys!

Rylee's cousin, Ashlee, turned 2. They enjoyed playing in the box her bean bag chair came in.

Hiking with Daddy at Snowbird.

We got to watch the neighbors a couple of times while their mom was out of town and their dad had to work. Ry had fun playing with Kaiden, Maci, Makayla, & Keagan Pitcher. Rylee adores her neighbors!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Fun

July 4th in Provo. The balloons were filled and then quickly taken down when a gust of wind went through. Kind of disappointing, since we got up at 5:30!
Aunt JoAnn and Blair came to visit for the 24th.
Our 1st time camping.
Mastering the art of sitting up.
In her Sunday best.
LOVES her jumper. Used to get her arms stuck in the leg holes and jump on one foot. It was very entertaining. She's gotten much better and is about to rocket jump out of it now.
Nike's and sun glasses make for a nice Sunday walk.
She thinks she should be driving already!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer time!

We're anxious for it to be warm. Rylee got a pair of sunglasses, now she looks even more like her daddy! We looked at getting her the baby glasses with the elastic in the back to keep them in place, but we were pleasantly surprised when she left the glasses on without the elastic band. She thinks she's pretty cool.

She had fun trying on different glasses. We should've gotten this pair, she loved them!
Every once in a while, she'll wear shoes for a few minutes.She LOVES her daddy!
She's an Aggie through and through. She has a onesie, a t-shirt, and of course a bib.
She loves her baby food. She's not a fan of turkey yet, but she can't get enough of the squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes. I can not shovel it into her mouth fast enough! She lets out a quick cry between each spoonful, it's entertaining.She wishes she could skip baby food and go straight for the Cafe Rio salad.
Chris did a very tricky balancing act with Rylee a month or so ago...