Sunday, January 5, 2014

We did it! We survived Bennett's 1st year!

We did an owl themed birthday, thanks to my Pinterest research. Green and blue. 

Chris is the main cook in our house. He made a delicious homemade taco soup and chili.

Bennett got clothes, money, toys, a pillow pet light, and a lava lamp for his gifts. He loves watching the lava lamp and pillow pet light at night. He even pushes the button and turns it on himself. Most of his cousins were able to come. He had fun playing with (and showing off for) everyone.

Bennett didn't waste any time before digging into his cake!

He didn't eat much of it, but he LOVED playing in it!

It seems like Bennett jumped into todderhood. He's talking more, cruising along things, and all around more active since his birthday. Something clicked and he is no longer content just chillin'. I have the feeling the next year will be far from boring! I'm excited to see the adventures this little boy brings to our home. I love him!


Dave said...

Awesome... wish we could have been there

Lindsay and Mike said...

Love the picture where he's covered in cake. Hilarious!