Sunday, September 1, 2013

Newest Family Photos

Bennett is 8 months old already! Rylee is nearing 3. Where does time go!?! Bennett is in a helmet. He has been in it a little over a month now. We're hoping he'll be done in another 3 weeks. Dang flat spot! The helmet seems to be a little heavy, he has a difficult time sitting up or rolling from his tummy to his back when he's wearing it. It has protected him from more than a few bumps and bruises though. We've had fun with stickers and quotes. A few have included: Under Construction, I do my own stunts, You should see the other guy!, Does this helmet make me look fat?, and Caution: The longer you stare, the cuter I look. Chris got him a sticker from Jackson Hole, WY and one from Snowbird. He's starting to head butt with it though...that's no fun! Keeping our fingers crossed for a perfectly round head by the end of the month.

Rylee LOVES being a big sister, taking care of Bennett, holding Bennett, kissing Bennett, and pretty much being in Bennett's face. He's patient for a minute and then he wants her out of his business. She usually doesn't take the hint though until their both crying. The joys of 2...

He LOVES to eat his bottom lip. It's amazing that he can smile while he does it.

 Gotta LOVE these beautiful blue Francom eyes!

 A brief demonstration of Rylee's love for Bennett. And his lack of interest in the kisses.

 Rylee has serious personality! Her nursery teachers tell us funny things she says or does each week. They've promised to record her on their phones in the near future. She's hilarious! The things she says, the way she says them, the attitude, body language, and facial expressions. She is entertaining.

 Our blonde beauty. Grandpa Mortensen would have called her "Blondie".