Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chris turns 32!

Happy birthday to Chris! Of course he got his ice cream cake. And the NEW TaylorMade R11 3 Wood! My husband is truly loved. His brother, Danny, helped me get it and keep it a secret. Chris gets to take it out tomorrow, with Danny, and try it out in Heber. I'm sure they'll have fun.
Rylee continues to grow like weed. Her smile is contagious! And her laugh is our favorite thing. She always seems to laugh when we change her diaper. She thinks it's hilarious when her daddy calls her "stinky!" One of these days I'll have to get a video of it happening. Every time she does something cute, I run to grab the camcorder or camera...then she's distracted and it's all over.

She's very easily distracted. She eats so much better when it's completely silent, otherwise she's looking around to see what's going on. Maybe that's why she seems to eat so much better at night. I gotta tell ya, that needs to start changing though! I've looked into some sleep books, nothing seems to be the perfect answer. Her naps have gotten much better! But the night feedings? I don't have a problem with letting her cry it out...IF I thought that would work. She just works herself up even more, she makes herself sick. It's not worth it. I either lose an hour+ sleep listening to her scream (which is a rare occasion, and pretty much only at night when she's hungry) or I feed her and lose 15 minutes. We are lucky parents! She is a content, happy baby.

Rylee with Aunt Lori and Ryan at Natalie's 3rd Birthday Party.
Rylee in her beautiful dress from Mykin.
Rylee's 5 months!


Krissy said...

She's SO cute!!! Where do you get all her cute hair bows!? Hailey eats best at night too - because she's also really distracted during the day - mostly by her big bro. I have to take her up to my bedroom with the black out drapes if I want her to nurse well - (but she's lovin her baby food.) I don't let her cry it out for the same reasons - she gets way too crazy!!!

Lindsay and Mike said...

Cute! Sorry about the sleep thing. It will get better!