Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chris is 30!

Chris celebrated his 30th birthday yesterday. We had a birthday party last Saturday with a few close friends and family. I got him 2 new wedges for his golf game. He played with them several days before his birthday. Such a cheater! He did amazing work with them though. I'm lucky to have such a talented, patient golf coach.

Looks like I'm back to the drawing board for my private practice. I'm hoping to have it fully functioning by the end of May. Beacon didn't work out quite like I had hoped. Oh well. I've already had the private practice plans in my head for a year now. Once I'm an LPC, on May 23, 2009, I'll get this thing up and running. Chris has been very supportive throughout this whole thing. Who wants to help their wife clean out her office on their 30th birthday? No one! But, my husband did it anyway. There are SO many reasons I love this man. I swear, I love him more everyday.

Here's my logo, in case you hadn't seen it a few months ago. I'm ordering business cards & I'm just waiting to go! I'm hoping to be able to continue seeing the clients I started seeing while at Beacon. My phone number for my future business is: 801-616-3097. People can call with questions now.

I've also been asked to speak to Chris's aunt's stake. I'm presenting on Pornography and the Specific Issues Related to Women, such as romance novels, soap operas, etc. I'll be presenting to them with one of the counselors in the General Relief Society Presidency, on May 9th. What an honor!

I was also invited to present classes to my ward enrichment on Destressing Your Marriage, specifically improving communication skills. This meeting will be held on June 10th. This is a great opportunity to share my ideas, regarding the book I'm planning on writing, with others.

I hope everything works out! I'll be fairly unemployed for the next month or so getting licensed and the foundational work to open this practice going. But, hopefully after that I'll be able to make a dent in this lovely student loan of mine. :)

Mediation is scheduled for May 1st for my auto accident! I can hardly wait to get all of this behind me. I'm excited to finally have closure and to be able to make sense of it all. I pray my insurance company will offer some financial support for my ongoing physical injuries. Time will tell...

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Lindsay and Mike said...

Happy b-day Chris! Congrats on deciding to open the business! Thanks for speaking at enrichment! And, good luck with the insurance company...I hate them!!!