Monday, December 20, 2010

Chubby Cheeks

Our baby is getting bigger! She's gained 2 lbs now. Her cheeks are getting chubby, and we LOVE it! Chris carries her like she's his little football.

Merry Christmas to our little elf.

Don't worry...I'll lose the baby weight. :)


Bettridge Family said...

I love the elf outfit and the tan one Chris is holding her in. I think I have convinced Lori and Brad to stay the night. It's going to be fun! I get to hold Rylee first!!! I will take her and you can sleep in while we make breakfast. Doesn't that sound great?

Palmer Family said...

She is so cute! Enjoy your first Christmas together. I am going to be in Mantua for Christmas. It would be fun to get together with you. And you look fabulous!

Lindsay and Mike said...

She is looking so stinkin' cute! And, you look GREAT! Way to go girlie!