Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I swear, I'm cursed. I was on my way home from work last night & the big pick-up truck in front of me had to slam on their brakes. I then had to slam on my brakes. But, you know it, I rear-ended them. Their truck received a scratch and maybe a slight adjustment of their rear bumper. My car, on the other hand, was BEAT UP! It doesn't look too bad in this picture at the towing facility, but it was worse before they moved it. Both airbags were deployed, the front of the car & hood smashed, the tires smoking, windshield broken, and something under the hood wouldn't stop smoking. The fireman had to cut the battery to prevent a fire. Why does this happen, just as I was celebrating the moderate amount still owed on my auto loan?

I was pretty shaken up by the accident. The smells freaked me out. I'm sure everyone at the scene thought I was a bit dramatic. Oh well, they don't understand. I'm grateful it wasn't any worse than it was and I only received scrapes, burns, & bruises. But, I HATE accidents!

It's the worst feeling having to call your husband to say "I've been in an accident." It's not fair to him. That's got to be the most terrifying thing to hear on the other end of the phone. Chris raced to be by my side and drive me home. I've got to be the most irritating wife on the planet!

No more accidents for me...I promise! I won't even use my cell phone unless I have my bluetooth headset. No mistakes for me. I have WAY to much to live for!


Ashlee J said...

Aimee. Glad to hear you are okay!! You really do have some luck. Be careful out there.
love ya.

Heidi said...

Good Lord! I'm glad you're ok!