Thursday, July 10, 2008


One of my widow friends asked me, and some of the girls I know that have been through similar experiences, if we wanted to submit an essay for a new book, "Alone But Not Lonely." Her friend was the editor for the book and there is a chapter on loss. She wanted us to share our experiences, advice, etc. I decided to submit an essay with my story and they accepted it. It was hard to write something so short when I could have written hundreds of pages about my experience. But I did it. Whew!

The book is only at Deseret Book, but I'm still excited to say I have something published! I don't have a copy yet but they should be mailing me one soon and a small check. If you are interested in checking it out, it's available at:


Becky & Joseph said...

That's so cool Aimee! Way to do a very tough thing. Congrats!

David and Audrey said...

That's really neat! I'll have to go to the book store and check it out. I found your blog through Lindsay Storrs blog (she knows everybody) :), blogging is so fun!

Amy said...

Yea I found your blog!! How did the softball game go last night?