Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rylee's 2!

Rylee turned 2 on November, 11 2012. The terrible 2s have been both terrible and fun so far. Rylee was excited for Bennett's arrival, though she had no idea her world would be turned upside down! Since he was born, she has discovered her Mom's time is taken up by this kid. We have also learned she loves him, and she could quite possibly love him to death! It's interesting to see the things she does for attention now, such as wanting to swing in the baby swing, using a binky (which she never took as a baby), and "sharing" blankets with Bennett. Overall, I would say she is a GREAT big sister! 
Rylee is quite entertaining. I wish we had done a video of this photo shoot. I was sure we weren't going to get any good pictures, due to her talking, playing, running, and showing off for the photographer. But, she is a child who shy's away from the camera. 
Lately, Ry is obsessed with monsters, thanks to the Cookie Monster, and Avatars, which she pronounces "Abby-tar". She LOVES to talk on her pretend phone and walks around the house with it on her shoulder. I have no idea where she learned that. She frequently has lengthy conversations with just about anybody, including Avatar and Santa Clause on her phone. She's very imaginative. She enjoys playing in her play kitchen, she got for Christmas. She absolutely loved Christmas this year. Her Mom went a little overboard with gifts. It's too easy to shop like crazy when you're stuck at home, pregnant, shopping from your phone. She sings, dances, and will show off for anyone. Her favorite songs are "Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys, "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga, and "Beat It" by Michael Jackson. We're trying to add additional songs to her playlist, but she's been pretty stubborn about it.
We took her sledding for the 1st time yesterday. She's already wanting to go again. She doesn't seem to mind the cold of the snow. She must take after her Dad!
She says the most adorable prayers at night. She continues to bless Grandpa Mortensen and seems to miss him. She did great on the 12+ hour (each way) trip to Colorado for his funeral. We couldn't have asked for more well behaved kids.
Ry is a pure joy and we love her! Looking forward to what this next year will bring. 


Lori Sanderson said...

She talks on the phone with it on her shoulder because of me! She is a cute little bug. Were you freezing when you took these pictures??

Aimee said...

Yes! She's imitating you Lori! It was chilly, but not freezing. I would do it again, cause outside was much more fun.

Lindsay and Mike said...

She is so stinkin' cute! And, so is your little Bennett!!!