Friday, April 6, 2012

Approaching 18 Months

Rylee is so much fun! She's walking, talking, signing, playing, and already learning to yell "No!" It seems to be her favorite word. She's a typical toddler. She loves making faces.

She enjoys pretending to put make-up on in the mornings when her Mommy gets ready for work.

She fell asleep in the middle of dinner one night. She's never done that before! Eating is too important to her.

She doesn't love church. During sacrament meeting she's OK, she's a little bit cranky during Sunday School. But, by the 3rd hour she SUCKS. She's tired, hungry, and ornery. It's nap time.

She loves playing under the kitchen table, running around it, or even walking on it, if her Daddy would let her.

She's enjoyed going for walks in the warmer weather, but also likes to watch the big snow flakes fall. Lucky we live in Utah and she can have both in the same week!

She's growing so fast.

Baths are still her favorite thing! As she learns to spell her cousin's name.

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Lindsay and Mike said...

Oh my heck! She is amazing!! So cute & you can tell she has a hilarious personality. Darling. Absolutely darling!