Sunday, May 2, 2010


Chris threw me a small birthday party for my 30th. It was fun. The best part about it...he got me a Magleby's Chocolate Cake! It was delicious!

He also took me to the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival. We had no idea there were so many beautiful flowers back there, a waterfall, some unique trees, and a pond. It's been a well kept secret, I guess. Next year we'll go when we have time to stay more than an hour. It's the perfect place to take a picnic. Lessons learned.

Chris is a great photographer. He had fun with the early showing moon and an artist painting the tulips. Too bad he was in shorts and we didn't have jackets, it started to get pretty chilly once the sun went down. We hit In-n-Out afterward, making it a perfect FHE!


Lindsay and Mike said...

Happy b-day Aimee!

Bettridge Family said...

I wish we could have come to your party. But then again I would have wanted some of your cake!!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like he made your day great! We went to the tulip festival one year- there was like 3 tulips blooming! Your day looked much better!